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From car washes and waxes to removing swirl marks and water spots, we can dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle. We're sticklers for fine details too.





From vacuuming or shampooing all cloth materials to cleaning and conditioning leather or vinyl to removing stains and blowing out crevices, count on us for super clean!





We offer high-quality vehicle ceramic coating services so you can rest easy, knowing you have the ultimate protection for your investment.





Does your vehicle exterior look dull and oxidized? Our paint correction services can eliminate minor imperfections and restore the reflection and clarity.

Dallas / Ft Worth auto detailing

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Express Detail – time: 90 min Price: $85

Entry level exterior & interior wash

Rinse to remove loose debris, Apply GTEHCNIQ Citrus foam bathe, Filtered air dry surface, Apply liquid carnauba wax, Clean windows, Clean wheels, wheel wells and apply silicon free tire dressing. Full interior vacuum, light wipe down on interior and clean the windows.

Premium express detail- time: 3 hrs price: $150

Exterior: Rinse to remove loose debris, Apply GTEHCNIQ Citrus foam bathe, Filtered air dry surface, Clean windows, Clean wheels, wheel wells and apply silicon free tire dressing.

Interior: Apply anti-bacterial wipe down to all surfaces, Clean vents, Wipe down center console, Clean windows, Clean door jambs, Vacuum interior & trunk, Remove any light stains in carpet or fabric, Apply new car scent fragrance bomb.

Express Interior detail - time: 2 hrs

Apply anti-bacterial wipe down to all surfaces to remove dirt and bacteria, Clean center console, Clean vents & cupholders, Clean headliner, Clean windows, Remove light stains, Leather seat cleaning & conditioning, Light carpet shampooing and extraction.

Ceramic coating - time: 72 hours
price: Call for quote

Complete surface protection: vinyl wraps, paint, trim, windows and wheels. Citrus foam wash, clay bar, remove containments from paint, rinse, air dry, paint correction to a pristine shine, remove all wax from exposed paint and apply GTECHNIQ ceramic coating for a long lasting shine.

Engine bay cleaning - time: 1 hr
price: $65

Degrease engine, steam clean compartments removing grease and dirt, dress engine compartments with silicone free dressing to prevent further grease build up

Headlight restoration - time:45 mins - 1 hr price: $150 ($75 per light)

Sand headlight to remove any oxidation, use high speed buffer to remove scratches and buff headlights to restore original shine

Trim restoration - time: 1hr
price: $100

Apply solution finish with a micro fiber applicator to restore trim back to original color.

Carpet shampooing - time:1-2 hrs
price: $80

Extract heavily soiled stains with hot water extractor removing stains and odor from carpet, seats and headliner leaving interior like new

Car show detailing - time:8-10 hrs
price: call for quote

Supreme detail to obtain a flawless showroom shine, multi step paint correction, engine bay detail, chrome polish and full interior detail.

Vinyl/leather conditioning- time:30-45 mins price:$45

Clean vinyl/leather with leather cleaner to remove dirt from stain seats, apply leather cream to enrich and rehydrate leather to bring back to original state.

Vehicle maintenance packages

Premium wash or detail services to maintain a superior shine for your vehicle(s) weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Motorcycles- time: 30-45 mins price: $30

Degrease and clean engine compartment, wash exposed paint, remove all bugs from windshield and bike parts, polish all chrome.

RV/Motorhomes - time: 4-6 hrs price: $8-$15 per foot (request quote for RV/Motorhome detailing)

Premium motorhome foam wash, cleaning roof and slide outs, windows, wheels and apply tire dressing.

Paint correction - time: 8-10+ hrs
price: Call for quote

Deep swirl mark removal, oxidation, compound and polishing. Apply abrasive compound to high speed buffer to remove any deep swirl mark, oxidation or holograms in paint to restore paint to a pristine shine. Deep scratches may require touch up paint or color sanding.

Scratch removal - time: 2-8 hrs
price: call for quote

Wet sand clear coat with preferred grit to remove or level scratches, then apply heavy abrasive compound to a high speed buffer to restore paint.

Water spot removal- time:2-4 hours price:call for quote

Rain water etching, sprinkler etching, hard calcium build up. Clay bar treatment, apply abrasive compound to high speed buffer to remove water etching in paint. Color sanding maybe required for extreme calcium build up.

Color sanding - time:10-24 hours price: $85/hr

Paint refinishing, orange peel removal. Wet sand clear coat with preferred grit to remove trash or orange peel to clear coat, apply heavy abrasive compound to a high speed buffer to bring paint to a showroom shine.

Boats- time:5-7 hours price: call for quote

Premium hand wash and sealant and polish all chrome.

Words from

Overhaulin's Mitch Lanzini

“Joshua Cunningham and his company, WhataShine, is hands down the best in the detailing business! He is honest, hard working, reliable, and uses only the finest products in the detailing industry to make every vehicle he works on shine more beautifully than when it left its showroom floor. We have used him many times on not only our personal and customers’ vehicles, but also on the car makeover show, Overhaulin, which has made him a stand out favorite among the show’s cast and crew. Joshua Cunningham is the man!”
Mitch Lanzini, Owner Lanzini Body Works

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From the moment you contact us till the moment that the job is completed you will feel respected and treated with professionalism all the way.


We will show up on time, be organized, leave no mess behind, do high quality work at competitive prices, and more. We are always a phone call away.


Our highly trained, experienced technicians know what it takes to restore your surfaces. We consistently produce the outcomes we promise.

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I couldn’t be more pleased with the ceramic coating application that Joshua has applied to my Jaquar. He is extremely talented and pays very close attention to the details, as well as his knowledge and experience is like no other as he focuses on total perfection. I will always be a lifetime customer of What a Shine Automotive Detailing.

Rhonda Ogden
Director of Sales and Catering
Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

My wife's car looked fantastic after What a Shine got finished with it. We use her car to transport dogs and for trips so it gets plenty of chances to get dirty. The car looks brand new -- inside and outside. I will definitely recommend you all.

from Groupon

Their employee did such a great job! Our car hadn't been cleaned in 2-3 years, the sets had spills, it was ppretty dusty... and now it looks like a brand new car! Great job, you guys!...

from Groupon
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