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Client : Dallas owner of Chevrolet Impala
Info : Swirl mark removal

Unsightly Swirl Marks

The owner of a black Chevrolet Impala brought his vehicle to us because it had unsightly swirl marks. These marks were actually tiny scratches in the paint finish that no amount of washing and waxing could eliminate. Causes for swirl marks include abrasive polishing compounds, improper buffing and polishing techniques, covering a dirty vehicle, and more.

Our Polishing Process

Improper swirl mark removal methods and/or poorly maintained equipment can actually leave MORE swirl marks. Our highly trained technician, armed with the knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve fantastic results, bring back the beautiful, glossy finish to this vehicle. We used a fine cut polishing compound to remove the scratches and then followed up with a finishing compound to restore the clarity and reflection.

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