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Client : Farm/Horse Owner | Dallas
Info : Pet Hair Removal

Dog Hair Removal

This customer drives this vehicle daily to work with her German Shepard in the back seat. Pet hair can become woven and deeply embedded into fabric surfaces. Thus making the pet hair hard to remove the longer it stays on the fabric surface.

Our Removal Process

First, we throughly vacuum the interior to remove any loose dirt, debris and pet hair. Second, we vacuum the interior again with a pet hair removal brush to remove any embedded pet hair in the fabric. The pet hair removal brush is an essential tool that helps remove pet hair deeply embedded into the fabric with static friction, allowing the pet hair to easily be removed with the vacuum. Then, after the vehicle is clean we conduct a final vacuum for any loose pet hair that was not caught previously. Finally, we spray all fabric with Croftgate USA “Fabric Protector” to prevent further pet hair or spills from embedded into the fabric.

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