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Client : Classic Pontiac Collector | Westlake
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Classic Pontiac Car Collector

Owning a small classic car collection can be a hassle to maintain on a weekly to monthly basis. This Pontiac car collector owns several classic vehicles, each vehicle received our Exotic Express Detail service for his personal classic fleet. Our services cater to all car enthusiast, giving them the ultimate detail experience.


Our Classic Car Express Detail Process

When your vehicle contains just a mere amount of dust from sitting in the garage, our Exotic Express Detail is the perfect package for your garage gem. First, we give the vehicle a foam bath to help break down any hard dust or debris trapped on the surface and crevices. Using the two bucket method, we hand wash the surface using ceramic safe products. Second, thoroughly spray down the entire vehicle and undercarriage removing all soap. Followed up with our heated air forced drying process removing all sitting water from the surface and engine compartment. Third, we wipe the vehicle down the entire exterior and apply tire dressing. Finally, the interior gets detailed removing any dust on the dash or seats and clean haze on interior windows.


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