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Client : Car Collector | Arlington
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Automotive Paint Refinishing

This car collector just had his 1969 Chevy Camaro painted but the painter could not finish the refinishing process. The refinishing process after a new paint job removes any trash left in the clear coat during the painting process. When done properly color sanding can enrich the clear coat giving it a glass like appearance. Color sanding may also fix orange peel which is caused by improper painting techniques.

Color Sanding Process

Color sanding or wet sanding is a delicate process that must be done correctly. Improper color sanding techniques may damage the paint causing paint repair. To remove any trash in the clear coat with color sanding the vehicle must be cleaned and clear of all dirt and debris before color sanding. Once the vehicle is clean we begin color sanding with a fine grit sandpaper giving it a dull even finish. We continue this process to the entire vehicle to remove all trash in the clear coat. After we finish the color sanding process we may start buffing with a RUPES high speed buffer to remove sandpaper marks. Using a wool pad we buff the paint to a superior shine giving it a flawless showroom finish.

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