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Client : Dallas car owner
Info : Leather cleaning and conditioning

Dirty Leather Vehicle Upholstery

A Dallas vehicle owner contacted us because her white leather interior had become extremely dirty and stained over time. She wanted to make sure the leather was properly maintained to avoid premature wear and preserve the life of her seats. The car wash where she usually brought her car did a great job of maintaining the cleanliness of her vehicle, but the leather seats were not getting the professional attention they needed.

Our Leather Cleaning and Restoration Process

We can give new life to even the dirtiest leather vehicle upholstery! First, we examined the leather to make sure there were no holes or tears. Fortunately there were not, but if there had been, we would have used extra care in these areas to ensure no liquid entered the interior foam. Then, we vacuumed to remove any abrasive material and deep cleaned the leather to remove embedded contaminants. Once the seats were completely dry, we applied a professional leather conditioner to put the natural oils back into the leather and keep it from becoming cracked or dull. Finally, we buffed the leather to remove any residual conditioner that had not been absorbed by the leather.

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