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Client : California Owner
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Dull and Oxidized Paint

This California owner needed a paint correction to bring his 1991 Acura NSX paint back to life! The California sun can be very harsh on automotive paint, leaving it looking dull and oxidized. The owner kept this vehicle in pristine condition inside his garage. Yet that was still no match for mother nature and the harsh California weather.


Our Paint Correction Process

We can bring your vehicle paint back to life with our paint correction services. First, we give your vehicle a decontamination wash removing any contaminants in the clear coat. Next, we apply Menzerna compound to our high power Rupes buffer to remove any dullness, oxidation or scratches from the clear coat. Finally, we apply Menzerna (Super Finish) to polish the paint to a pristine shine and apply a high performance polymer paint sealant (Quick n Slick) by Croftgate USA to help protect and preserve the paint from the weather elements.

Contact us online or give us a call at (817)600-0063 to schedule service or get a quote for paint correction, swirl mark removal, scratch removal, polishing and other automotive detailing needs. We service the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.